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Baby Got Back & Legs Set


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Our Baby Got Back & Legs set is the perfect set for tackling that stubborn back fat and minimizing cellulite!


Set Includes:

  • 1 Cubed Roller
  • 1 Cobbed Roller
  • 1 Mushroom/Champiñon (small)
  • 1 Swedish Cup
  • 1 Molding Tablet “VARIES”
  • 1 Body Svelta Massage oil
  • 1 Detoxifying Alga Cafe
  • 1 Coffee Body Scrub


19 in stock


This Wood Therapy Baby Got Back & Legs Set:

Swedish Cup – Used to reduce adiposity at the waist,
abdomen, thighs, and back.

Cob roller – Allows to activate the circulatory and lymphatic system
in the massaged area and stimulate the nervous system, facilitating the removal of adipocytes.

Mushroom – Ideal for toning your body. According to your
intensity penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, helping you eliminate fat, reduce measures quickly, helps to relax, and
relieve stress.

Cube Roller – To reduce the adiposity found
accumulated in the abdomen, thighs, and back. Better known as the
breaks fat.

Moulding Tablet -Serves to tone and mold most delicate skin areas and helps drain fat and remove toxins.

Body Svelta Massage Oil – Ideal for wood therapy sessions. Relax your client’s mind and body to moisturizes skin while soothing sensitive skin. “FRAGRANCE TYPE VARIES”

Detoxifying Alga Cafe – Improves tissue drainage and activates the process of expelling water from the body.

Coffee Body Scrub -Ideal for wood therapy, exfoliating with a soft all-body massage while enjoying the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties., temporary reduction of cellulite, improved circulation, and a smooth body.

• Sculpts and shapes the body figure
• It is applied superficially without causing damage or pain
• Stimulates Blood and Lymphatic Microcirculation
• Increases the production of Vitamin E and Collagen
• Helps to improve the relaxation of the whole body
• Helps to Eliminate localized adiposity (cellulite)
• Increases and tones buttocks
• Reduces the volume of adiposity in hips

Perfect your body sculpting skills!

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